Amazon GameLift launches support for third-party Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform and Pulumi

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Amazon GameLift announces support for the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform, which includes Terraform and Pulumi, powered by AWS Cloud Control API. This update makes it easy for developers to manage their cloud infrastructure in a consistent manner and leverage the latest AWS capabilities faster.

Hello GameLift Devs,

We are excited to announce the availability of the Amazon GameLift resources on the AWS Cloud Control API, which includes alias, build, fleet, game server group, game session queue, location, matchmaking configuration, matchmaking rule set and script. With this launch, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, including Terraform by HashiCorp and Pulumi, can now automate how their solutions integrate with existing and future Amazon GameLift features through a one-time integration, instead of spending weeks of custom development work as new resources become available.

Some of you use Amazon GameLift APIs to build Infrastructure as Code, some to inspect and automatically improve your security posture, some others for configuration management or to provision and configure Amazon GameLift resources like fleets, queues etc. The use cases are countless. As applications and infrastructures become increasingly sophisticated and you work across more AWS services, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn and manage distinct APIs. This challenge is exacerbated when you also use third-party services, like Terraform, in your infrastructure, since you have to build and maintain custom code to manage both the AWS and third-party services together. With the availability of Amazon GameLift resources in the AWS Cloud Control API, game developers can now use a standard set of APIs to create, read, update, delete, and list resources (CRUDL) across hundreds of AWS services and multiple third-party tools like Terraform and Pulumi.


  • Flexibility in choosing the right IaC tool for CI/CD: Game developers now have the option to choose from multiple IaC tools like AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, and Pulumi, to name a few. These tools offer consistent experience in managing Amazon GameLift resources as part of their CI/CD pipelines. Note, support for Amazon GameLift resources on third-party IaC tools is limited to the APN Partners that are currently integrated with the AWS Cloud Control API.
  • Automated updates: Amazon GameLift resources that are available across different IaC tools, including AWS Cloud Formation, Terraform and Pulumi, will receive automatic updates as soon as new features or resources are available on the CloudFormation Registry, thanks to the integrated experience provided by the AWS Cloud Control API.

To get started, check out the AWS CC Terraform Provider, and search for the 'GameLift' resources under the Documentation, for example, GameLift Fleet

Thank you,

Sachin Gupta | PM, Amazon GameLift

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