Avoiding additional bills when migrating accounts between AWS Organizations

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Content level: Intermediate

When accounts are migrated between AWS Organizations, charges may incur during the transition, generating additional bills.

1. Scenario

The process of migrating accounts between AWS Organizations requires an account to first leave the current organization before it can be invited to join another. If the full process is not completed within 1 hour, charges will incur while the account is in the "standalone" status.

Migration over 1h window

As a result, such charges will generate a separate invoice for the account that spent too long outside of an organization, For accounts with invoicing enabled, this means additional invoices that must be processed. Or, if an alternate billing method was used only for the migration, it will be used instead of the method used by the destination organization.

2. Solution

To avoid this scenario, make sure that your migration process, either manual or automated, invites the moving account to the new organization as soon as it leaves the original one, within the 1 hour limit.

Migration within 1h window

3. Conclusion

Making sure that the necessary steps for migrating accounts are planed and executed properly, prior to migrating, is essential to avoid unwanted invoices, keeping your billing management under control.

All steps and requirements to perform account migration between AWS Organizations can be found here and here.

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