AWS Builder ID integration on re:Post FAQs

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FAQs and troubleshooting steps for AWS Builder ID integration on re:Post and re:Post Linked logins

Q: What new features were launched?

A: AWS re:Post has integrated with AWS Builder ID to provide customers an additional sign-in method to join the re:Post community. re:Post has also launched Linked logins to provide users the ability to link multiple logins to a single re:Post profile.

Q: What are the benefits of AWS Builder ID and Linked logins?

A: AWS Builder ID is a free, personal profile that allows AWS customers to join the re:Post community without an AWS account. Users that are signed on to re:Post using AWS Builder ID will have a seamless experience navigating between other AWS applications such as Amazon CodeCatalyst and Amazon CodeWhisperer without additional sign-in. Linked logins allow customers to consolidate multiple AWS Management Console or AWS Builder ID logins to one re:Post profile. re:Post integration with AWS Builder ID and the ability to link multiple logins to a single re:Post profile allow users to keep their contributions, points earned, and reputation status on re:Post, even if they transfer to a new role or organization.

Q: How is AWS Builder ID different than an AWS account?

A: AWS Builder ID is a representation of an individual person within AWS, and does not require an AWS account. An AWS account is a resource container, with contact and payment information, which establishes a security boundary in which to operate billed and metered AWS services. Each account has a tightly bound associated credential set ("root"). Learn more.

Q: Are re:Post members able to link multiple AWS Management Console and AWS Builder ID logins to one re:Post profile?

A: Yes, members can link as many AWS Management Console and AWS Builder ID logins as they would like.

Q: How does using AWS Builder ID impact Premium Support customers receiving responses from AWS Support?

A: AWS Premium Support customers on re:Post receive prioritized responses from AWS Support, if the question is not answered by the community. Premium Support customers will need to sign in with their AWS Premium Support account through AWS Management Console to receive a response to unanswered questions, but they can link AWS Builder ID logins to their profile.

Q: I am using a non-English language on re:Post. Why is my AWS Builder ID screen not translated to my preferred language along with re:Post?

A: Currently re:Post supports six languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, and Korean, while AWS Builder ID only supports English.

Q: Do my emails for logins need to match in order for me to link my logins to one re:Post profile?

A: No, the emails do not need to match.

Q: Why am I receiving the "login already linked" error?

A: Members will receive this error when the login they are trying to link is already associated with another profile. Linked logins only work with brand new logins. Any previously used logins is already associated with a profile. The profile merging feature will be coming in early 2023.

Q: Why am I receiving a "login error" page (not related to login already linked)?

A: Please report this issue to the re:Post team and include your email address. We will deep dive the issue and respond to you shortly.

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