AWS TechAction Grant Available for Fundraising Projects Built on AWS

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The AWS TechAction program offers a suite of resources to help nonprofits and credit unions use AWS for fundraising and member engagement projects.

One of the key challenges for nonprofit organizations is answering questions about their donors and members, such as who they are, what motivates them, and which campaigns have encouraged them to donate in the past. With the AWS TechAction program, nonprofits can start and grow their work to use AWS for fundraising or member engagement projects.

AWS TechAction is designed specifically to help nonprofits and credit unions use the cloud to build innovative fundraising and member engagement solutions. The program offers unique support resources to organizations that leverage AWS to meet their fundraising and member-related goals. Some of the resources available include promotional credits, customized, no-cost trainings, whitepapers, AWS CloudFormation templates, and connections to vetted AWS Partners. Nonprofits can also access pre-built architecture diagrams and detailed instructions.

One of the key benefits of the AWS TechAction program is access to a global community of nonprofit technologists on re:Post, an online discussion forum for AWS builders. Within this community, organizations can ask cloud-related questions and connect with other leaders who are working on similar projects. For example, nonprofits can learn best practices from their peers about the tools available to support their fundraising goals, and ask other organizations how they are using AWS to engage with donors and members.

Another significant benefit of the program is the AWS Promotional Credit, which qualified organizations can receive up to $5,000 USD in AWS computing credit to advance their projects. This credit can be used towards pre-built solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, file sharing systems, and more. Organizations can use these solutions to simplify data analytics, send personalized donor engagements, leverage predictive insights for member retention, and create a contact center.

For nonprofit associations and membership organizations, it’s vital to retain members for the long-term. With the AWS TechAction program, organizations can leverage AWS database, storage, and ML services to predict which of their members are likely to let their memberships lapse and better understand the influencing factors. With this information, organizations can adjust their strategies to increase member retention and engagement.

The AWS TechAction program is a valuable resource for nonprofits looking to leverage the cloud to build innovative fundraising and member engagement solutions. Checking the TechAction landing page to learn more:

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