Announcing support for multiple host keys and key types for AWS Transfer Family servers

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AWS Transfer Family New Feature Launch Announcement

AWS Transfer Family now supports up to ten host keys per SFTP server. In addition, ED25519 and ECDSA key types are now supported for server host keys. Previously, AWS Transfer Family only supported one host key per server, and only the RSA key type.

These enhancements allow you to move your existing SFTP servers with multiple host keys and host key types to AWS Transfer Family. You will also be able to add and tag host keys before rotating them, giving you more control over your managed file transfer environments.

Multiple host keys and host key types are supported in all Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available. You can configure server host keys using the AWS Management Console, AWS Transfer Family API, or AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). To learn more about how to add multiple host keys to an SFTP server, visit our documentation.

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