How do I pause a queue and cancel thousands of jobs in that queue?

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The number of jobs in the Default queue on my AWS Elemental MediaConvert keeps increasing, and I want to pause queue and cancel jobs.

Short Description

Queues can be ACTIVE or PAUSED. If you pause a queue, jobs in that queue won’t begin. If you pause a queue, the service won't begin processing jobs in that queue. You can cancel a job using either the MediaConvert console or CLI. However, Cancelling thousands of tasks using console is not only time-consuming but also annoying. Therefore, we introduce you to cancel with a simple shell script using the CLI.

The idea is :

  • Pause a queue
  • Retrieve list of jobs in a queue
  • Cancel a job
  • Iterate over a list using loop in bash


1. Pause on-demand queues

To change the status of an on-demand queue by using the MediaConvert console:

  • Open the Queues page in the MediaConvert console.
  • In the On-demand queues section, select the queue.
  • Choose Edit queue.
  • Under Status, choose Pause or Active.
  • Choose Save queue.

2. Retrieve list of jobs in a queue

$ aws mediaconvert describe-endpoints --region ap-northeast-2
    "Endpoints": [
            "Url": ""
  • Use the list-jobs [2] command in MediaConvert to list the job IDs in the SUBMITED state.
aws mediaconvert list-jobs --region ap-northeast-2 --endpoint-url --status SUBMITTED --queue Default --query 'Jobs[*].{Id:Id}' --output text

3.Cancel a job[3] using cancel-job in MediaConvert

The following cancel-job example cancels a job.

aws mediaconvert cancel-job \
--endpoint-url \
--id 1234567890123-efg456

4. Iterate list of jobs in a queue using bash script

  • Use the list-jobs command to determine how many tasks you need to cancel.
  • Then write code to cancel jobs using the bash script in units of 50 or 100.

Sample code : Ex) This is the sample code written by MAC BOOK that I am using. You must modify it to suit your environment. (<endpoint url> must include the endpoint output from #1, <regioin, ex. us-east-1> is the same area information as ap-nortaste-2.)

$aws mediaconvert list-jobs --region <regioin, ex. us-east-1> --endpoint-url <endpoint url> --status SUBMITTED --queue Default --query 'Jobs[*].{Id:Id}' --output text | while read id;
    echo "Read Job id : $id"
        aws mediaconvert cancel-job --region <regioin, ex. us-east-1> --endpoint-url <endpoint url> --id $id > /dev/null
    echo "Cancel Job id : $id"

Additional comments :

Apart from job canceling, I would like to encourage you to have multiple on-demand queues in order to run jobs for different workflows in separate queues.

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