Announcing 4 new widgets on AWS Console Home - Security Hub, Ops summary, Patch compliance, and Managed instances

2 minute read
Content level: Foundational

One-click access to security and operational information from AWS Console Home

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Security Hub widget on AWS Console Home, providing a summary of your security posture generated by the security checks that you have enabled in your account using AWS Security Hub. With the Security Hub widget you can access a summary of your security posture and view key insights such as your security score, how many security controls have failed, and how many critical findings you have in your accounts.

You can also access three new AWS Systems Manager widgets on Console Home to view your operational status as soon as you sign in to AWS, and take any necessary action to remediate operational issues using AWS Systems Manager features. The **Managed instances widget **provides insights into the visibility and control you have on your AWS resources; you can view the number and percentage of EC2 instances that you are managing using AWS Systems Manager and identify EC2 instances that are not managed by Systems Manager. You can use the Patch compliance widget to view the total number of unpatched instances by severity and trends in patch compliance over time. The Ops summary widget provides summary of your operational issues by severity. You can use the expanded view of the Ops summary widget to see status by category, including availability, cost, performance, security and recovery.