Leveraging AWS re:Post with an AWS Support Plan

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How can I leverage AWS re:Post with an AWS Support Plan?

AWS re:Post is an official community-driven knowledge-sharing service that helps customers remove technical roadblocks, accelerate innovation, and efficiently operate. This article describes how customers with any AWS Support plan can leverage re:Post to gain access to technical guidance concerning AWS Services and Solutions, ask questions via a community-driven Q&A forum, contribute to the AWS public knowledge community, and access authoritative technical content sourced from AWS employees.

re:Post provides authoritative AWS technical knowledge
re:Post provides a unified experience to access authoritative AWS technical knowledge and quickly get questions answered. re:Post features:

  • Verified knowledge - AWS Official Knowledge Center articles and videos cover the most frequent questions and requests that we receive from AWS customers.
  • Credible guidance - Find AWS public knowledge sourced from AWS employees and community experts.
  • Quickly find answers - re:Post has built-in mechanisms to increase the accuracy and likelihood of responses.

re:Post provides four types of knowledge:

  1. Selections: A selection is a curated learning path or a curated set of technical content that’s relevant to a use case, technology domain, industry, or a specific issue. Selections help you navigate your cloud journey by streamlining the process of researching and curating knowledge. You can locate answers to your questions and find relevant information to deepen your knowledge. For example, Selections can aggregate content based on a topic such as “Configure CORS in Amazon S3”, a technical issue such as “Troubleshoot the Amazon S3 403 Access Denied error”, or a use case such as “Migrating Windows workloads to AWS.” Community members with Star reputation status (5,000 points) unlock the ability to create a community Selection.

  2. Knowledge Center: The official AWS Knowledge Center contains over 3,000 articles and videos that cover the most frequent questions about technical and AWS account issues that we receive from AWS customers. These articles help you reduce the time that you spend troubleshooting cloud issues. Knowledge Center articles are available in 10 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

  3. Community articles: You can reuse and share best practices with your organizational builder community using community articles written by AWS experts. Community members with Rising Star reputation status (1,000 points) unlock the ability to create a community article.

  4. Q&A: Find answers to your questions from a peer, AWS, or expert advice. Community members who reach 1,000 points unlock the Rising Star status and can help verify answers from other community members. A verified answer helps users locate solutions that worked well for other users.

With re:Post, you can more easily find the answers you're looking for. Content is organized by AWS topics and Tags. Machine learning drives smart content recommendations. Follow specific questions, topics, and community experts to receive notifications when new content is posted. Contribute to AWS public knowledge by adding your skills to your profile and updating your Notification Settings to configure how often you want to be notified of unanswered questions.

Prioritized responses from AWS Support
If you have a Developer Support, Business Support, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise Support plan with us, log in to re:Post with your AWS credentials, ask questions, and get prioritized responses. Unanswered questions are routed to AWS Support engineers.

How do I get started today?
Use re:Post to obtain verified AWS knowledge and guidance you can trust. Log in to re:Post to post questions and engage with the community. Search Knowledge Center, ask or answer questions, upvote or downvote responses, reuse best practices, and access curated learning paths. Your questions are automatically shared with domain experts. Answers are marked as reviewed by experts or AWS employees. Once you earn Rising Star status, you can share knowledge by verifying answers in your area of expertise or sharing best practices through community articles. Once you earn Star status, you can publish curated learning paths to help other builders innovate faster.

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