Why isn't my payment reflected on the Billing and Cost Management console?

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I made a credit or debit card payment, but it didn’t go through or it's unsuccessful. I want to know why I don't see the payment on the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.


After you submit your payment, it might take up to 24 hours for your payment to display in the Billing and Cost Management console. To see your payment history, open the Transactions tab on the Payments page of the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.

For more information, see How do I view past or current AWS payments?

If you still don't see your payment, then either your payment method was declined. Or, your payment was made to a different AWS account. If you have multiple AWS accounts, then check the account ID and invoice details to confirm that you're on the correct account.

If you resolved the issue, then retry the payment. If you can't retry the payment or you're purchasing a subscription and the payment is declined, then contact AWS Support.

Before you create a case with AWS Support, review the following limitations:

  • AWS Support can retry the charges for a Reserved Instance or Savings Plans only during the month of purchase.
  • AWS Support can't retry payments for Amazon Route 53 domain registration, renewal, or transfer. To resubmit the domain registration, renewal, or transfer, see Transferring registration for a domain to Amazon Route 53.

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