Organization Members cannot see or access my amplify projects.


Hello, Currently new to AWS and using it as a backend solution to a web application for a university project. I am the manager account for my organization and have accepted my work partners into my organization. However, they are unable to see any of my existing projects, specifically in Amplify. I'm sure this is related to an IAM role however I'm unfamiliar with the system, does anyone have a suggestion to fix this.

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First of all, is it possible for members to sign in to the AWS account with the Amplify project?
If you can't sign in, create an IAM user or create a user in IAM Identity Center so you can sign in to the AWS account where your Amplify project is located.

Once you are able to sign in, open the Amplify console.
If a permission error occurs at this time, you will need to review your policy.
The Amplify project itself should be created for each region, so if you don't see it, make sure you've selected the correct region.

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Hi, It sounds like you may need to adjust the IAM (Identity and Access Management) permissions for your work partners to grant them access to the existing projects in Amplify. Here's a general outline of steps you can take:

Check IAM Policies: 

Ensure that the IAM policies assigned to your work partners' IAM roles or IAM users include the necessary permissions to view and manage Amplify projects. Specifically, they will need permissions related to the AWS Amplify service.

Amplify Console Permissions: 

In addition to IAM policies, there are specific permissions within Amplify Console that need to be granted. Make sure that the IAM policies include permissions such as amplify:GetApp, amplify:ListApps, and amplify:ListBranches to allow users to view existing Amplify projects and their branches.

Project Specific Permissions: 

If your organization has configured more granular access controls for individual projects within Amplify, ensure that your work partners have been granted appropriate permissions for the specific projects they need access to.


After adjusting IAM policies, have your work partners log in to the AWS Management Console and navigate to the Amplify Console to see if they can now view the existing projects.


If your work partners still cannot see the projects, check the AWS CloudTrail logs for any denied actions related to Amplify. This can help you identify any missing permissions.

Documentation and AWS Support: 

AWS documentation is a valuable resource for understanding IAM permissions and troubleshooting access issues. Additionally, you can reach out to AWS Support for further assistance if needed.

Remember to always follow the principle of least privilege when granting IAM permissions, ensuring that your work partners only have access to the resources and actions they need to perform their tasks.

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