I cannot disable my Directory Service


I have an "active" Directory in my Directory Service account (d-9067049a68) which I want to delete.

It seems to be connected to an old "Workspace Directory" which I also cannot delete.

Here is the error message I am getting when I try to delete the old "Workspace Directory"...

"Cannot delete directory because it still has authorized applications. Additional directory details can be viewed at the Directory Service console"

I think if I can get the old "Workspace Directory" to delete, I will be able to delete the "Directory Service" Account.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Verify that you have removed all application assignments from the directory. This includes disabling AWS Management Console access if previously enabled .

Wait 30-60 minutes after removing all applications before attempting to delete the directory again. Sometimes it takes time for the changes to propagate.

You can also try deleting any connection aliases associated with the directory. To delete a connection alias from the AWS Directory Service console:

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  • Thanks for the response

    The application assigned to the directory is a workspace directory.

    So I am trying to delete the workspace directory: corp.amazonworkspaces.com which throws an error that says:

    "Cannot delete directory because it still has authorized applications. Additional directory details can be viewed at the [LINK] Directory Service console ."

    Then I click the [LINK] "Directory Service Console" and try to delete the corp.amazonworkspaces.com, but I get this error message:

    "You are trying to delete the directory "corp.amazonworkspaces.com (d-9067049a68)". This directory still has associated resources attached to it and can't be deleted until the following steps are taken: Remove all application assignments from [LINK] Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager. [LINK] Learn more"

    Then, I click on the [LINK] Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager. and I get sent to a 404 page.

    Also, when I am in Workspaces > Directories and I click on the "Active" directory, I get this error message...

    "Make sure that d-9067049a68 is a valid directory ID for a directory that you own. If the directory ID is valid, make sure that you have registered this directory with Amazon WorkSpaces, and then try again. [LINK] Learn more"


I am having the same problem. I suddenly have large costs for Directory Service, but I cannot seem to delete the directories therein. Also, I cannot seem to get more granular info on what is causing the Directory Service costs. Is there a way to tell which service is generating Directory Services costs?

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