Submit an ad-hoc job on AWS Mainframe Modernization service

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This article explains how to submit an ad-hoc job for AWS Mainframe Modernization application from AWS console.


The batch jobs and the associated programs have to be deployed as an AWS Mainframe Modernization application onto the environment to be available for submission. However, there are scenarios when the JCLs have to be modified on the fly and resubmitted on ad-hoc basic. There might be other scenarios when a new JCL (with no associated program change required) has to be submitted. In those use-cases, the Ad-hoc job submission feature of AWS Mainframe Modernization can be used.

Steps to submit an ad-hoc batch job

  1. Upload the ad-hoc job in a folder within the S3 bucket. Here adhoc-jobs is the S3 folder name and ZSORTREC.jcl.groovy is the name of the ad-hoc JCL groovy script created for the AWS Blu Age (Refactored) application. If you need sample refactored batch job, refer to the workshop.

Running Application

  1. From within the Running AWS Mainframe Modernization application select Batch jobs tab.


  1. On the page click Submit job.

Submit button

  1. Select Ad-hoc submission and then click on Browse S3 to select the S3 bucket where the JCL is uploaded.

Browse S3

  1. Select the S3 bucket and the folder where the ad-hoc JCL groovy script is available. Make sure to select the folder, not the JCL script itself. Click Choose

Choose Folder

  1. Under Script name type in the JCL script name, for example ZSORTREC.jcl.groovy in this case. Then click Submit ad-hoc job.

Submit job

  1. The status of the job will be changed to Submitting. A blue pop-up ribbon will also appear with the status of the job. Next, the status will be changed to Running.

Job Running

  1. On successful completion of the job, the status will change to Succeed and the pop-up ribbon will turn green. Click on the link for Job ID.

Job Completed

  1. This will open the page with all the details. The Ad-hoc flag will show Yes for an ad-hoc job. Script section will show the Location from where the job is submitted.

Job details

  1. To check the logs of the batch job refer to the article - How to view consolidated log from multiple log streams generated from an AWS Mainframe Modernization application?


[1] AWS Mainframe Modernization documentation

[2] Submit batch jobs

[3] Workshop - AWS Mainframe Modernization: Build well-architected mainframe applications on the AWS Cloud

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