How do I share an AMI that I purchased from the AWS Marketplace with another account or organization?

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I want to share the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that I purchased from the AWS Marketplace with another AWS account or organization.


Share an AWS Marketplace AMI with an AWS account outside of your organization

To share your AMIs with other accounts, specify the destination account IDs. AMIs that you create in AWS Marketplace have a unique product code. The AMI's product code allows only subscribed accounts to use the AMI. To launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances from the AMI, the destination account must subscribe to the shared AMI in AWS Marketplace.

For more information, see Share an AMI with specific AWS accounts.

Share an AWS Marketplace AMI with other accounts in an organization

You can share AWS Marketplace AMI licenses with organizations or organizational units (OUs) in AWS Organizations.

Note: Before you can share licenses, you must set up license sharing for your organization. For more information, see Using roles to share entitlements for AWS Marketplace.

To share an AMI's license, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Marketplace console, and then choose Manage subscriptions.
  2. Select the product that you want to view, and then choose Manage.
  3. Under Subscription, choose Actions, View license.
  4. Choose Create grant. Then, enter the Grant name and Target AWS Account ID.
  5. Choose Create grant.
  6. Open the AWS License Manager console on the destination account.
  7. Choose Granted licenses, and then select the license ID that you created.
  8. Choose View.
  9. Choose Accept and activate license.
  10. It might take a few minutes for the grant status to change from Processing to Active.
    Note: You might see the following message, "License grants can be activated only when both the license administrator and the grant recipient have enabled the AWS Marketplace Service Linked Role, or trusted access is enabled for AWS Marketplace in the management account of your organization."
    To turn on the AWS Marketplace service-linked role, open the AWS Marketplace console. Then, choose Configure permissions to create an AWS Marketplace license management service-linked role.

You can now use the AMI license subscription from the AWS Marketplace console to launch an EC2 instance.

Note: You can view all granted licenses for the accounts in your organization. For more information, see Granted licenses in License Manager.

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