API Failure Reason: RESOURCE:GPU when trying to run task


Hello, I hope you're doing well.

I'm encountering an issue when attempting to launch a task in my ECS Cluster, consistently receiving the error: "API Failure Reason: RESOURCE:GPU" when trying to run task. It appears that my t2.micro instance, which is eligible for the free tier, lacks the necessary resources to execute the task.

In the process of creating a new task definition, I am required to specify certain parameters, as shown below: GPU Parameter mandatory The field is marked as conditional; however, leaving it blank results in an error stating that the GPU must be an integer between 1 and 16.

Could this be the reason I'm facing errors when attempting to launch a new task? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Try creating a task definition without entering anything for the GPU part.
I think you can create a task definition without inputting anything to the GPU.

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  • Thank you, Riku, your suggestion was spot-on! Initially, I was convinced that I had already attempted that solution and encountered an error. However, after creating a new revision without specifying a value for the GPU, it is now indicated as "-" . This adjustment seems to have resolved the GPU issue, but now I'm facing a similar challenge with memory allocation.

    Considering my aim to remain within the free tier, I'm hesitant about adjusting memory settings without understanding the potential implications. It seems like experimenting might be the next step to see how the system responds to such changes.

    Thank you once again for your guidance!

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