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Hi, I have a AWS lab account that resembles my prod and mainly used to test any changes that will be done to prod. It has all the services running same as in my Prod so it generates a huge bill every month . Is there a way to stop and start the account or services only when I need to test anything without losing any data so it reduces my billing cost. I do not want to delete any services. Thank you in advance.

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Hi - To reduce AWS billing costs for a lab account mirroring a production environment, without losing data or deleting services, consider automating the start/stop of EC2 instances using AWS Lambda and CloudWatch Events, utilizing Auto Scaling Groups to scale down services to zero when not in use, and leveraging the stop/start feature of AWS RDS for databases. For containerized workloads on ECS or EKS, scale down tasks or pods to zero and utilize AWS Lambda for cost-effective, event-driven components. Implement data backup strategies with EBS snapshots and S3 Lifecycle policies for cost-efficient storage. Use infrastructure as code tools like AWS CloudFormation or Terraform for environment management, enabling easy teardown and rebuild while managing data persistence. Monitor spending with AWS Budgets and CloudWatch Alarms. Thanks

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  • You can automate this with step, lambda functions on an event bridge schedule

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