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Hi AWS, we are deploying a Windows Service (dotnet core) which is having a database dependency. Considering this task is done by a novice, the simplest way of deploying it is two create two separate pods, one for the service and another for database and developed a network connectivity between them. However knowing the fact that database is stateful if the pod running the database gets destroyed and never gets up, the service can not start.

Another option I was taking into consideration using Docker only is to go for Docker Compose where I could run two services, one for Database and once it's up and running then only the Windows Service will be created.

I am not sure whether that is a right starting point and also as you know pods are ephemeral in the sense once it gets destroyed data inside it is lost so in that case I have to use volumes. Also do I need to take PV & PVC into consideration.

Please suggest.

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Consider using Kubernetes with Docker Compose for managing your Windows Service and database dependencies. Deploy them as separate services in a single Docker Compose file. Ensure the database service starts before the service, mitigating potential startup issues. Utilize PersistentVolumes (PV) and PersistentVolumeClaims (PVC) to persist data in case of pod restarts or failures. This setup provides scalability, fault tolerance, and data persistence.

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