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A customer is asking about how to migrate from on-prem Informatica to AWS Glue for ETL.

I've never used or seen Informatica so don't have a lot of insight. From what I gather, Informatica looks to be largely a proprietary visual / GUI-based ETL tool similar to SSIS. It doesn't seem like users are writing their own PySpark or Scala within Informatica... so my guess is that there's no direct migration path. The customer would need to port their Informatica ETL by manually translating the logic to PySpark or Scala code.

Just looking for confirmation on this suspicion or any other comments to share.

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If by "migration path" you mean an automated migration that converts Informatica ETL jobs to Glue, then your suspicions are correct.

As you've described, they must go through their ETL jobs manually to move to Glue. I've found that customers have thousands of ETL jobs, but many of of them often produce a small filtered result as a csv for Excel viewers in a network drive. Keep an eye out for those, as the data lake and services like QuickSight and Athena and remove the need for ETL jobs like that.

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