Can not connect to mariadb after creating a new instance from a linux Lightsail snapshot


It was just last week this was working just fine, I was able to create a new instance from a lightsail snapshot (linux) and everything worked well. But today when I try to create another instance from a newer snapshot, I couldn't connect to mariab, here is the error message:

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to server on '' (115)

I am trying to connect to the database using this command:

mysql -h  -u root -p <redacted>

I tried some solutions I found on google but still can not make it work, can anyone help help to provide some insights? Thank you!

  • Hi, I updated your question to redact some information that would be best to not share publicly.

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Is MariaDB running locally on the Linux host? There should be output showing that it's listening on the default port sudo netstat -tulpn | grep -w 3306

It would also be worth double-checking the syntax of the mysql command, according to the MariaDB Command-Line Client page

-p, --password[=name]

Password to use when connecting to server. If you use the short option form (-p), you cannot have a space between the option and the password

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