myApplications: One place to view and manage your applications on AWS

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What's New - AWS Management Console

Today, AWS announces the general availability of myApplications, a new experience in the AWS Management Console that makes it easier to manage and monitor the cost, health, security posture, and performance of your applications. Now, you can create your applications more easily and see your applications in an AWS account from one view in the AWS Management Console. With an at-a-glance view of key application metrics such as cost, performance, and security findings, you can debug operational issues and optimize your applications. You can also act on specific application resources with one click from the application dashboard using the corresponding AWS services, such as AWS Cost Explorer for cost, AWS Security Hub for security findings, and Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals for application performance.

myApplications supports application operations, a new set of capabilities that help you get started with your applications on AWS, operate them with less effort, and move faster at scale. With application operations, AWS resources are organized into applications using a new AWS application tag which is automatically applied in the ‘Create application’ wizard. The application will automatically display in myApplications, and you can take action on your applications using the AWS Management Console, APIs, CLI, SDKs, or infrastructure as code solutions such as AWS CloudFormation and Terraform.

myApplications is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Resource Explorer is available. Get started with myApplications today by signing in to the AWS Management Console.

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A cartoon person wearing a yellow hard hat. The background consists of a globe outlined with various symbols including a bell, chat bubbles, and charts. The text "myApplications" and "MODEL YOUR WORLD" suggest a theme of creating or managing applications, with the AWS logo on the bottom right.

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This looks great. My organization has dozens of applications that are provisioned using CDK. Adding them one by one in the console would be a pain. Can these applications be created using CloudFormation or the AWS API?

a répondu il y a 6 mois

Similar question as Brett above -- is there really no other method than to create applications manually and then apply tags to Cloudformation stacks?

There does not seem to be a way of creating a "myApplications" application from a Cloudformation template and associate every resource in the resulting stack with that application.

The only way to get this to work properly is to tag the Cloudformation stack, the only way to do that is from outside the template, so you need to create "applications" elsewhere to get their ARNs and then tag the app itself.

The lack of deep and thought out integration with Cloudformation is really depressing.

a répondu il y a 6 mois

So is this for grouping every resource with associated costs together?

If yes, why can't I add domains, CloudFront distributions, and other global resources?

a répondu il y a 6 mois

I would like to use myApplications, but for security reasons, I would like to grant the user IAM roles with minimal privileges. What IAM roles are required? Also, do you offer managed roles?

a répondu il y a 5 mois