Why is my EventBridge rule not working in Regions other than the one I created it in?

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I created an Amazon EventBridge rule in us-west-1 but it's not getting triggered by matching events originating in ca-central-1.

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Amazon EventBridge is a serverless service that uses events to connect application components within the same Region. To monitor events in your AWS environment in the same Region, use EventBridge.


Both the EventBridge rule and the source event that it monitors must exist in the same AWS Region.

For example, you might have an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance in us-west-1 Region. In this case, the event rule that you create to monitor the state changes of this EC2 instance must exist in us-west-1 Region.

AWS global services, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Organizations, and AWS Account Management deliver events only to us-east-1 Region. Create the event rules to monitor events from these global services only in the us-east-1 Northern Virginia Region.

Use cross-Region and cross-account event buses as targets to create workflows triggered in one Region but that invoke targets in a different Region or account. For more information, see Introducing cross-Region event routing with Amazon EventBridge.

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Thanks, the resolution section offers practical advice on using cross-Region and cross-account event buses as targets to enable workflows triggered in one region but invoking targets in a different region or account. This solution provides flexibility and ensures efficient event routing across different AWS environments.

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