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Hi All,

We have allocated 100 GB storage to RDS, and max storage size is 150 GB. do we change to 100 GB or 150 GB?

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Hi Sanjeev,

The decision to set the allocated storage for your RDS instance depends on your specific requirements and the expected growth of your database.

Allocated Storage is the amount of storage that you provision for your RDS instance. It represents the initial amount of storage that is allocated to your database.
On the other hand, Max Storage Size is the maximum amount of storage that your database can automatically scale to, based on the allocated storage and the storage autoscaling settings.

If you have set the allocated storage to 100 GB and the max storage size to 150 GB, it means your database can automatically scale up to 150 GB if needed.
Keep in mind that provisioning more storage than you currently need may result in higher costs.

[1] https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/USER_PIOPS.StorageTypes.html

Hope this answers your question.


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  • Hi Atul, Thanks for clear explanation and let's say my database size 80GB and allocated storage size is 100 and max storage size 150, will it cost for 100 GB or 150 GB.

  • Hi Sanjeev, in RDS, you are billed based on the allocated storage size, which in your case is 100GB. So, you would be billed for the allocated storage size, not the actual used space (80GB) or the maximum allowed size (150GB).

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