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Hi, I want to attach a tag to my aws managed directory, but as i explore the console for aws managed directory service i cant see any option to attach tags to my directory. can anyone please help to understand how can i attach the tags to my already created/existing directory

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  1. Install and Configure AWS CLI: Make sure you have the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) installed and configured on your local machine.

  2. Tag the Directory: Use the add-tags-to-resource command to tag your AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory. Replace directory-id with the actual ID of your directory and specify the tags you want to attach.

aws ds add-tags-to-resource --resource-id directory-id --tags Key1=Value1 Key2=Value2

Replace Key1=Value1, Key2=Value2, etc., with the tags you want to attach. You can specify multiple tags separated by spaces.

For example: aws ds add-tags-to-resource --resource-id d-xxxxxxxxxx --tags Environment=Production Owner=JohnDoe

This command will tag the specified directory with two tags: Environment=Production and Owner=JohnDoe.

Please note that only certain resources support tagging, and AWS Managed Microsoft AD is one of them. However, not all AWS services provide tagging functionality through the AWS Management Console. In such cases, you can use the AWS CLI or SDKs to manage tags programmatically.

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  • AWS CLI tags are formated "Key=string,Value=string", ie. above would be "--tags Key=Environment,Value=Production"


Replace directory-id with the actual ID of your directory and specify the tags you want to add.

Example that worked adding tag;

$ aws ds add-tags-to-resource --resource-id d-9xxxxxxxxx --tags  Key=Environment,Value=Production  Key=Owner,Value=JohnDoe

Confirm tags are added

$ aws ds list-tags-for-resource --resource-id d-9xxxxxxx 
    "Tags": [
            "Key": "Environment",
            "Value": "Production"
            "Key": "Owner",
            "Value": "JohnDoe"
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