Inconsistency Between AWS Cost Explorer and Billing Dashboard: $500 vs. $250


I've observed a discrepancy in my AWS billing information. While the AWS Cost Explorer displays a total cost of $500, the billing dashboard reflects only $250. I'm seeking insights into the potential reasons behind this disparity and guidance on reconciling the reported costs. Has anyone encountered a similar issue, and how can I ensure accurate cost reporting across these AWS tools? Appreciate any assistance or recommendations on resolving this matter.

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In addition to the date range, can you also check the granularity and filters used in both tools. You can also check for refunds, credits or discounts applied in the billing period.

The billing amount is the accurate amount.

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  • Hi, I have thoroughly examined our account for any applied credits, discounts, or refunds, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any relevant information. Upon closer inspection, I identified that the discrepancy was due to the application of CloudFront discount pricing, which wasn't explicitly mentioned in the savings plan or any other documentation. This discovery clarified the confusion surrounding our billing, and I wanted to share this insight for transparency.



Is the period specified in AWS Cost Explorer correct?
Can't you see the same value if you adjust "Date Range"?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your response.

    I've double-checked the period specified in AWS Cost Explorer, and it aligns correctly with the billing period. The discrepancy is for all the months. The AWS Cost Explorer indicates a total cost of around $500 for all the months, while the billing dashboard reflects only $250 for the same timeframe.

    I've also adjusted the "Date Range" in AWS Cost Explorer to ensure accuracy, and the issue persists. It seems there's a significant mismatch between the monthly costs reported by AWS Cost Explorer and the billing dashboard for the identical time period.

    I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to further investigate and reconcile these reported costs accurately.

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