How to create custom license type in AWS License Manager?


i need to use aws license manager to issue license as subscription based for my javascript application running as a solution package inside dynamics 365 power apps. It has the logic to send event when a user logged in. i just want to count the events/users in AWS lambda for license validation, where lambda will call aws license manager api for license validation.

i tried to find the best suitable licensing type in license manager and unable to find one. There are Self-managed licenses, Granted licenses, Seller issued licenses and License type conversion.

i think i have to add a custom licensing there, but don't know how can i achieve this!

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From the shared details I understand that you want to create a custom license type using AWS License Manager. Kindly note that AWS provides the option to BYOL(Bring your Own License) using AWS License Manager where you can govern and manage your own licenses using a dedicated physical server. You can refer the below article to know more about the same:


Apart from the above, License manager also provides you the option to use "Self-managed licenses" . A self-managed license represents the licensing terms in the agreement with your software vendor. Your self-managed license specifies how your licenses should be counted (for example, by vCPUs or number of instances). This gives you more customization options eg setting VCPUs, sockets , core etc. You can refer the below article to know more about the same:


Additionally to understand how licensing works in AWS and common frequently Asked Questions with respect to microsoft licensing, the below articles will be helpful for you:



Hope it helps!

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