Pointing an A Record and CNAME Record to WIX Not Working, A Record not propagating


We are tying to point an A Record and a CNAME record to WIX for a www.example.com website. WIX requires this for verification of the domain. In this example, lets say the A record would be @.example.com and the IP would be and the CNAME record would be www.example.com which points to www2@wix.net. A NS lookup for this example would also show that ww2.wix.net is (for reference). I have these entries in route 53 under the example.com as requested. The WIX verifications are failing which at first I believed to be an issue on their end. Upon further investigation, the A record is not populating out correctly to the rest of the world. In fact, what's happening is that it is populating as the CNAME records IP of and not the A record that exists stating it is Does anyone have any ideas on why it is behaving in this manner?

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I'm a bit confused because this does seem to be the correct behavior.

CNAME does not resolve into any IP and the client DNS resolver will send another request which might lead to an A record.

In your case, you seem to suggest you are trying to resolve www.example.com, which is a CNAME of ww2.wix.net, which has a A record of

That is the correct behavior. From R53 side it correctly returned a CNAME record (ww2.wix.net) for your inquery (www.example.com) and any DNS resolver you might be using will then send another inquery to the domain specified in the record (ww2.wix.net, which you seem to suggest is not on R53), which returned its A record of

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