Unexplained EBS Fast Snapshot Restore Charges


I am experiencing an issue where I am incurring daily charges of approximately $18 for EBS Fast Snapshot Restore, but I am unable to identify any snapshots with Fast Snapshot Restore enabled. Upon using the AWS CLI to query for Fast Snapshot Restores, the response indicates an empty result:

$ aws ec2 describe-fast-snapshot-restores
    "FastSnapshotRestores": []

I have also attempted switching between different regions to investigate, but the issue persists. My AWS environment utilizes services such as OpenSearch, ElastiCache, and RDS. I am curious if snapshots generated by these services are automatically configured with Fast Snapshot Restore enabled, and this information is not visible through the console or CLI.

Given the apparent lack of active snapshot utilization, I am seeking assistance in comprehending the origin of these charges and their impact on my "EC2 Other" expenditure analysis.

Screenshot of Cost

I do have a case ticket open in our account. However, I was directed here to get further assistance.

Thank you!

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the daily charge of 18 $ corresponds to exactly 1 snapshot with FSR enabled given the pricing of 0.75$ per hour per snapshot. Have you checked if you have enabled it on a snapshot that was shared with you instead of one that you own? As per the documentation

You can enable FSR on snapshots you own or those shared with you. FSR is charged in Data Services Unit-Hours (DSU-Hours) for each snapshot and each Availability Zone in which it is enabled. DSUs mean that you are billed per minute with a one-hour minimum. You will continue to incur charges on an FSR-enabled snapshot until you disable it.

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