Cannot move/copy/edit a file restored from Glacier Deep Archive


I'm a simple man using the console for simple archival purposes.

I'm trying to move some files from a folder to another. The files were in Glacier Deep Archive, and I restored them (using Bulk). Waited a few days and now it says Restoration complete, and the expiration date is in a few days. Weirdly, it also says "This object is stored in the Glacier Deep Archive storage class" and prompts me to "Initiate Restore", but maybe that's normal.

Under "Object Actions", pretty much everything is greyed out, including Move, Copy, and Edit. Initiate Restore is one of the few options available.

Here's a screenshot of the banners I'm seeing on the files

What's going on?

Thank you

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Based on your description, it seems like your files have been successfully restored from Glacier Deep Archive, but they still appear to be in the Glacier Deep Archive storage class. This situation is expected behavior in AWS. When you restore files from Glacier Deep Archive (or Glacier), the original objects remain in the Glacier Deep Archive, but AWS makes temporary copies of these files available for download or use in an Amazon S3 bucket for the duration of the restoration period you chose (in your case, a few days).

The message prompting you to "Initiate Restore" may still appear because the AWS Management Console doesn't dynamically update the storage class display in real-time to reflect the temporary availability of the restored object. However, since the restoration is complete and there's an expiration date mentioned, it indicates the temporary copies are indeed available for use.

Since Move, Copy, and Edit options are greyed out, it suggests that these actions are not directly available for objects in the Glacier Deep Archive storage class through the console's Object Actions. This is normal because Glacier Deep Archive is primarily for long-term archival, not frequent access or manipulation.

To move the restored files to another folder or perform actions on them, you should:

  1. Access the temporary copies: Use the available options to access the restored files. You might need to download them or use AWS CLI or SDKs to interact with them programmatically.
  2. Copy or move the files: Once you have access, you can upload them to another folder or bucket as needed. If you're using the AWS CLI, you can use the aws s3 cp or aws s3 mv commands to copy or move the files.

Remember, once the restoration period expires, the temporary copies will no longer be accessible, and you would need to initiate another restore request to access the files again. If you plan to keep the files in a more readily accessible storage class, you should move them before the expiration date.

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