How to add tags to existing jobs in AWS Elemental MediaConvert

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I want to add tags to existing MediaConvert Jobs. I am grateful if you could let me know how I can add tags to existing jobs in MediaConvert.

Short description :

In AWS Elemental MediaConvert, we do support adding tags to an existing AWS Elemental MediaConvert resource, such as job templates, output presets, or queues using console [1] . However, no function for adding tags to existing jobs from AWS console.

Instead, you can use 'tag-resource' command in AWS CLI Mediaconvert. Please take a look at the steps below and refer to them for your work.

Steps :

  1. You should check the endpoints of the job where the id belongs to.

ex) us-east-1

$ aws mediaconvert describe-endpoints --region us-east-1
    "Endpoints": [
            "Url": ""

ex) ap-northeast-2

$ aws mediaconvert describe-endpoints --region ap-northeast-2
"Endpoints": [
"Url": "“
  1. Check the arn for the job id (ex. us-east-1)
$ aws mediaconvert list-jobs --endpoint-url --region us-east-1
    "Jobs": [
        "AccelerationSettings": {
            "Mode": "DISABLED"
    "AccelerationStatus": "NOT_APPLICABLE",
    "Arn": "arn:aws:mediaconvert:us-east-1:123456789012:jobs/1234567890123-ab123o",   <--- ARN here !!!
    "BillingTagsSource": "JOB",
    "ClientRequestToken": "xxxxxxxxxx",
    "CreatedAt": "2023-11-22T10:16:35-05:00",
    "Id": "1234567890123-ab123o",
    "Messages": {
        "Info": [],
        "Warning": []
  1. Add tags for the job id
$ aws mediaconvert tag-resource --arn arn:aws:mediaconvert:us-east-1:123456789012:jobs/1234567890123-ab123o --tags '{"service":"vod-ch1"}' --endpoint

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