AWS Systems Manager Automation failed execution


AWS Systems Manager Automation failed execution

Was restoring EC2 from snapshot and the automation failed (AWSSupport-RestoreEC2InstanceFromSnapshot). ref:

The two attempted executions both show status as failed and haven't cleared.

The execution detail still shows status "pending" for the remaining steps, and the [Cancel Execution] button isn't enabled.

Now the "Execute automation runbook" fails at "checkForConcurrentExecution" - how can I clear the queue so this will run to completion?

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Thank you for your rePost question. My name is Yogesh - an AWS Support Engineer who will be addressing your inquiry today.

In the AWS SSM Automation document 'AWSSupport-RestoreEC2InstanceFromSnapshot', step 'checkForConcurrentExecution' is at #4.

Please Click on 'Execution ID' and then step id (#4). Please share the error message seen here.

According to the execution of the automation steps, irrespective of the status of previous steps, the following steps will be in pending. However, it is the 'Overall Status of Automation execution' that determines whether the execution was failed / succeeded. [1] Hence, to clear or cancel,

To Stop an automation Execution (if the cancel button is disabled), please attempt to use the below CLI Command. [2] (However, Kindly note that the 'already completed automation, be it successful or failed, cannot be cancelled).

aws ssm stop-automation-execution --automation-execution-id "4105a4fc-f944-11e6-9d32-0a1b2EXAMPLE"

(execution id shared above is sample, shall be replaced with original automation execution id)

If any inputs shared above requires clarifications, kindly post the same and shall be glad to assist on it.




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AWS staff confirmed the script has an error for certain conditions and does not properly validate the input fields.

ref: Case ID: 14308537081

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