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Hi Team,

Can you please share T-SQL to verify the backup details using headeronly option in restore.


Certainly! Below is an example of T-SQL code to verify backup details using the HEADERONLY option in SQL Server:

-- Declare variables DECLARE @BackupPath NVARCHAR(500) = 'C:\Your\Backup\Path\YourDatabaseBackupFile.bak'; -- Specify the path to your backup file

-- Execute restore command with HEADERONLY option RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK = @BackupPath; Replace 'C:\Your\Backup\Path\YourDatabaseBackupFile.bak' with the actual path to your database backup file.

This query will retrieve the header information from the backup file specified in the @BackupPath variable. The header information includes details such as the backup type, database name, backup start and end dates, and more. This can be useful for verifying backup details before performing a restore operation.

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  • Thanks Priya- do know similar T-SQL for RDS SQL Server using S3 bucket.

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