Can I associate multiple SSL certificates with my CloudFront distribution?

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I'm serving multiple CNAMEs (alternate domain names) through my Amazon CloudFront distribution. I want to turn on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or HTTPS for all the associated CNAMEs.


You can't associate more than one SSL or Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate to an individual CloudFront distribution.

However, certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) support up to 10 subject alternative names, including wildcards. To turn on SSL or HTTPS for multiple domains served through one CloudFront distribution, assign a certificate from ACM that includes all the required domains.

To use an SSL certificate for multiple domain names, import your certificate into ACM or the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) certificate store. For instructions, see Importing an SSL/TLS certificate.

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AWS OFFICIALUpdated 10 months ago

The video is showing how to connect multiple sub domains to an ssl certificate. My expectations were that I can see how to connect multiple domains and use their issued ssl certificates from the acm.

replied 9 months ago

Thank you for your comment. We'll review and update the Knowledge Center article as needed.

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replied 9 months ago