How do I make a single payment for multiple invoices or charges?

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I want to make a single payment for multiple invoices or charges in my AWS account.

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Under certain conditions, AWS can approve exceptions for a one time wire transfer payment (EFT or NEFT). This exception allows you to settle multiple monthly or anniversary invoices in a single transaction. The requirement is that all invoices must be issued by the same AWS seller of record (SOR) and in the same currency.

Note: This exception doesn't include subscription invoices for Reservations, Savings Plans, or Amazon Route 53 domains.


To make a single payment for multiple invoices, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Management Console.
  2. As the Root user, create a support case and request a one-time wire transfer payment (EFT or NEFT) exception. Include the invoice IDs in the support case details.
  3. If AWS Support approves the request, then AWS Support provides the remittance information based on the SOR and currency of the invoice IDs. If AWS Support doesn't approve the request, then follow the advice AWS Support provides to continue.
  4. Contact your banking institution to start the wire transfer. Provide your AWS account number and invoice IDs as part of your information for the wire transfer.
  5. Send the wire transfer receipt information to the appropriate Accounts Receivable team based on the SOR on the invoice:
    AWS Inc:
    AWS Europe:
    AWS India:
    New Zealand:
    South Africa:


  • Don't use the wire remittance details that AWS provides for the following months. Your default payment method remains unchanged.
  • After the AWS Accounts Receivable (AR) team receives your wire payment, it can take up to 7 business days for the payment to process. After the payment processes, your account reflects the update in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.

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