How do I change the WorkSpace that I'm connecting to through the Amazon WorkSpaces client?

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I want to change the WorkSpace that I connect to through the Amazon WorkSpaces client application. How can I do this?


To change the WorkSpace that you connect to, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the user name and registration code for the new WorkSpace from your invitation email. If you haven't already completed the registration process by opening the link in your invitation email, then do so now. If you can't find your invitation email, ask your administrator to resend it.
    Note: All WorkSpaces that are launched from the same directory have the same registration code.
  2. Verify that you are using the latest Amazon WorkSpaces client. Then, open the client application.
  3. On the client login window, choose Change Registration Code. For more information, see WorkSpaces Windows client application or WorkSpaces macOS client application.
  4. The dropdown list displays all saved registration codes and the associated Region. You can select a different registration code from the list, or clear the text box and add a new registration code. Then, choose Continue.
  5. Sign in to the WorkSpace using the user name and password associated with the WorkSpace.

To rename or remove a saved registration code, choose Settings, then choose Manage Login Information.

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