How do I resolve the "Resource specification is invalid" error when I run the cfn generate command using the CloudFormation CLI in CloudFormation?

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When I use the CloudFormation Command Line Interface (CloudFormation CLI) to run the cfn generate command in AWS CloudFormation, I receive the following error: "Resource specification is invalid"

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The cfn generate command generates code that's based on the project and resource type schema. You receive the "Resource specification is invalid" error message when the resource type schema for your resource is invalid. You can also receive a syntax or invalid namespace error message.

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To resolve the "Resource specification is invalid" error, complete the following steps:

  1. In the root directory of the project where you run the cfn init command, find the resource type schema.
    Note: The resource type schema is a JSON file in the organization-service-resource.json format.
  2. Confirm that your organization-service-resource.json file follows proper JSON formatting.
  3. Compare the namespaces of your resource with the namespaces in the resource type schema, and then resolve any discrepancies that you find.

If the preceding steps don't resolve the issue, then use cfn init to create a new project. Incrementally update the organization-service-resource.json resource type schema until you find the change that causes the "Resource specification is invalid" error.

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