How do I use the Reserved Instance utilization report in Cost Explorer?

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I want to use the Cost Explorer reports to understand the utilization of my Reserved Instances (RIs).


You can use the RI utilization reports in Cost Explorer to do the following:

  • View the combined usage of your purchased RIs in the chart by selecting up to ten leases at one time.
  • View the utilization of individual RIs in the chart by selecting the RI from the table.
  • View the utilization of your RIs as the percentage of purchased RI hours in the chart.
  • View the number of RI hours used against the number of RI hours purchased in the table.
  • Define a utilization threshold, known as a utilization target, and identify RIs that meet your utilization target and RIs that are underutilized.

To define the utilization target, enter the preferred value for Utilization target (%), and select Show target line on chart. You can see the target utilization as a dotted line in the chart and as an RI utilization status bar in the table.

  • RIs with a red status bar haven't used reservation hours.
  • RIs with a yellow status bar are under your utilization target.
  • RIs with a green status bar have met your utilization target.
  • Instances with a gray bar aren't using reservations.

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