How do I resolve the error "Cannot create a replica of table in region" when I try to add a replica to my DynamoDB Global Table?

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When I try to add a replica to an Amazon DynamoDB global table, I get the following error: “Cannot create a replica of table ‘(table-name)' in region ,'(region)' because its exceeds your current account limit in region '(region) .”

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This error occurs when your AWS account and AWS Region table-level write throughput limit for the DynamoDB global table exceeds the default quota of 40,000. Though you can increase this limit, the DynamoDB streams for the global table and replicas creation still have a write throughput limit of 40,000. The DynamoDB Streams associated with the replicas in each Region must increase the write throughput to match the table-level write throughput limit. To make sure that the DynamoDB stream has sufficient capacity to replicate writes to the replica tables, you must increase DynamoDB stream write throughput.


To increase the DynamoDB stream write throughput, request a service quota increase. Because the limit can't be increased through the Service Quota Console, only AWS Support can increase the throughput limit.

To request a quota increase for DynamoDB global tables and replicas streams, create a case in the AWS Support Center. Include the following information in your quota increase request:

  • Name of the global table
  • Source Region of the global table
  • All Regions where you need the global table to have replicas, including existing Regions
  • Steady state write capacity unit utilization of the global table
  • Peak write capacity unity utilization of the global table

After AWS Support receives the request information, Support increases the DynamoDB streams throughput and allow-lists the account in each Region for the large streams. Then, you are notified through the case when the process is complete. You can attempt to create the DynamoDB global table replica again.

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