How can I calculate the maximum IOPS and throughput for an Amazon EBS volume?

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I have an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume, and I want to calculate the maximum available IOPS and throughput for my volume.

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Amazon EBS has a number of different volume types, and each type has different characteristics. An EBS volume can experience a high latency if it's hitting its IOPS or throughput limit. To troubleshoot issues on an EBS volume, you must be able to calculate the maximum available IOPS and throughput limit for your EBS volume.

The IOPS and throughput available for an EBS volume can vary for a number of reasons, such as volume type, volume size, provisioned IOPS, and so on. You can use a simple interactive bash script to find the maximum available IOPS and throughput for your EBS volume. Then, you can analyze the performance of your EBS volume based on these limits.


To run the volume_Limit_calculator script, do the following:

1.    Download the script to your Linux instance, and make the script executable:

# chmod +x

2.    Run the script:

# ./

Note: The script above doesn't calculate IOPS and throughput for io2 block express volumes.

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