How do I monitor replication lag between Regions in Global Datastore?

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I want to monitor the replication lag between Regions in the Global Datastore. How do I do that?

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The Global Datastore feature in Amazon ElastiCache allows you to set up Cross-Region Replication.

Using Global Datastore, you can write or read to your primary Redis cluster in one Region. Then, you can have the data available to read from a secondary cross-Region replica cluster.

This provides low-latency reads and disaster recovery across Regions. The ReplicationLag metric can be used to check how far behind, in seconds, the replica is in applying changes from the primary node.


1.    Open the ElastiCache console.

2.    From the navigation pane, choose GlobalDataStore.

3.    In the Regional Clusters section, review the ReplicationLag parameter of the primary Region against the secondary Region.

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