How do I resolve problems when accessing a service in the AWS Management Console?

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I'm unable to access a service from the AWS Management Console.

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You might receive one of the following error messages:

  • You are not subscribed to this service
  • The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service
  • Your service sign-up is almost complete!


Resolve "You are not subscribed to this service" or "The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service" errors

When you created your AWS account, all available services at that time were activated. However, as new services are released, they aren't automatically put into an active state without your permission. You must subscribe to each service individually as they are released.

To activate all existing services and new services as they are released, you must sign in as the AWS account root user. Then, in your account settings page, update your account subscription.

Resolve "Your service sign-up is almost complete!" errors

Finish the account sign-up process.

You might need to provide a valid payment method, verify your account, or choose a support plan.

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