Why do I receive an error when I try to unlink a member account from my organization in AWS Organizations?

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I received an error when I tried to unlink a member account from my organization: "One or more of the member accounts that you want to remove has not completed the account sign-up steps." What does this error message mean, and how do I fix the error?


Before an account can be removed (unlinked) from an organization, you or the administrator of the member account must do the following:

  • Provide a valid payment method.
  • Verify the account by phone.
  • Choose an AWS Support plan for the account.

The error indicates that one or more of these steps is incomplete:

You can add this information and then remove the account by following one of these procedures:

Note: AWS Support can't change the structure or membership of your organization.

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AWS OFFICIALUpdated 3 years ago

how do I verify the account by phone? where do I enter the phone number in the aws account for AWS to call or text me the verification PIN?

replied 10 months ago

Thank you for your comment. We'll review and update the Knowledge Center article as needed.

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replied 10 months ago