How do I troubleshoot “insufficient capacity” errors that occur when I create an FSx for ONTAP file system?

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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system creation fails due to insufficient capacity errors.

Short description

If AWS doesn't currently have enough available resources to complete your request, then you receive the following InsufficientInstanceCapacity error:

"Your file system failed to create due to insufficient capacity. Please delete your file system and create a new one. To reduce the risk of encountering this problem again, try providing a subnet in a different Availability Zone or wait some time before re-creating."


To prevent insufficient capacity errors, repeat the process to create the file system. Then, make the following changes:

  • Capacity changes over a period of time. Wait a few minutes, and then run the CreateFilesystem workflow again.
  • Change the throughput capacity (the default is 128 MB/s).
  • Change the file system's storage capacity or size when you create the file system.
  • Change the Deployment type to Multi-AZ.
  • For deployments that don't have a dependency in a particular Availability Zone, choose a different subnet.
AWS OFFICIALUpdated 9 months ago