How do I move an FSx for ONTAP volume that serves data over NFS from one SVM to another?

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I want to move my Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP volume that serves data over the Network File System (NFS) protocol from one storage virtual machine (SVM) to another.



  • Complete the prerequisites that are listed in Rehost NFS volumes on the NetApp website.
  • Record information about the NFS export policies to prevent information loss in case the volume rehost operation fails.

Move an FSx for ONTAP volume to a different SVM

1.    Unmount the volume from the parent volume. Replace vserver_name and volume_name with your Vserver and volume names:

FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> volume unmount -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name

2.    Rehost the volume on the destination SVM. Replace source_svmvolume_name, and destination_svm with your source SVM, volume name, and destination SVM:

FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> volume rehost -vserver source_svm -volume volume_name -destination-vserver destination_svm

3.    Create a user-defined export policy. Replace vserver_name, volume_name, and policy_name with your Vserver, volume, and policy names:

FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> vserver export-policy rule show
FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> vserver export-policy create
FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> vserver export-policy rule create
FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> volume modify -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -policy policy_name

4.    Mount the volume on the destination SVM. Replace vserver_name, volume_name, and junction_path with your Vserver name, volume name, and junction path:

FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> volume mount -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -junction-path junction_path

5.    Verify that the destination SVM allows NFS. Replace vserver with your Vserver name.

FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> vserver show -vserver vserver -protocols
FsxIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx::> nfs status -vserver vserver

6.    Update the new SVM configuration file (/etc/fstab), and then remount the share.

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