How do I start over with a fresh installation of my current Lightsail instance and keep the same static IP address?

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I have a running Amazon Lightsail instance, but I want to start a fresh install of the same instance with the same static IP address.

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To start a clean version of the server image on the existing instance, manually clean up the installations and data on the server. Or, launch a new Lightsail instance from the same Lightsail blueprint of your instance. Then, attach the previous instance's static IP address to the new instance.


Complete the following steps to launch a new Lightsail instance and attach the previous instance's static IP address:

  1. Open the Amazon Lightsail console.
  2. Choose Create instance.
  3. Select the same platform as the existing instance, and then select the same blueprint as the existing instance.
  4. (Optional) Change the SSH key pair.
  5. Select the Lightsail instance plan.
  6. Name your new Lightsail instance, and then choose Create Instance.
  7. Return to the Lightsail home page, and then select the original instance.
  8. On the Networking tab, locate the static IP address.
  9. Choose the menu icon (⋮), and then choose Manage, Detach.
  10. On the confirmation screen, choose Yes, detach.
  11. In the Attach to an instance option, select the name of the new Lightsail instance, and then choose Attach.

Note: You can attach static IP addresses to instances only in the same AWS Region as the original instance.

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