How can I get an additional static IP address for my Lightsail account?

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I want to add an additional static IP address to my Amazon Lightsail account.


By default, Lightsail limits static IP addresses to 5 per AWS Region. However, you can submit a service quote increase request.

  1. Open the Service limit increase request form.
  2. Complete the form with the following information:
    Limit type: Lightsail
    Region: Choose the Region to increase the limits
    Note: Static IP addresses limits are specific to an AWS Region. Select the Region where you require the quota increase.
    Limit: Choose Static IPs
    New Limit value: Enter the number of static IP addresses required.
    Use case description: Enter a description of your specific use case for additional static IP addresses.
  3. Choose Submit.

Note: Static IP addresses that you detach from an instance remain in your account. However, if you delete a static IP address from your account, then you can't reassign it to another instance. Also, you can't add the same static IP address back to the account.

It's a best practice to proactively monitor and manage your service quotas to be sure that you have enough quotas to support your usage requirements. Requests for Lightsail service quota increases are subject to review by AWS engineering teams. Service quota increase requests aren't processed immediately after you submit a request. You receive an email after your request is processed.

For a list of other AWS services and their quotas, see AWS service quotas.

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