How do I resolve the "maximum number of failed attempts" error when I try to verify my AWS account by phone?

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When I try to phone-verify my account, I get an error similar to the following: “You have exceeded the maximum number of failed attempts at PIN verification that we allow. Your registration cannot proceed at this time.”


AWS Support can help you to manually activate your account:

  1. Sign in to your AWS account using the email address and password that you specified when creating your account.
  2. Open the AWS Support console, and then choose Create case.
  3. Choose Account and Billing Support.
  4. For Type, select Account.
  5. For Category, select Activation.
  6. In the Case description section, provide a date and time when you can be reached.
  7. In the Contact options section, select Chat for Contact methods.
  8. Choose Submit.

AWS Support will contact you and attempt to manually activate your account.

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