How do I troubleshoot Kibana errors in OpenSearch Service?

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I want to troubleshoot Kibana errors that I receive in Amazon OpenSearch Service.

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Kibana or OS dashboards are visualization plugins that are installed on each data node of a cluster. These plugins sit on top of the OS or ES process and use the same data node resources (CPUUtilization and JVMPressure).

The KibanaHealthyNodes metric or Kibana Health status in the AWS Management Console shows the current state of the Kibana plugin running on your data nodes:

  • Green - Kibana is running on all data nodes and there are no known issues.
  • Yellow - Kibana is running on some, but not all, of the data nodes. Kibana runs slowly in this status.
  • Red - Kibana is down on all nodes. Kibana doesn't run in this status and users don't have access to Kibana.

When you have issues with Kibana, you might receive one of the following errors:

  • Kibana blank page/ unable to see any data on Kibana dashboard
  • Kibana server is not ready yet
  • Kibana did not load properly (when you try to access the Kibana URL provided by Amazon OpenSearch Service)
  • Kibana did not load properly. Check the server output for more information.


To troubleshoot the Kibana errors that you receive, check for the following:

Note: If you use a resource-based policy or identity-based policy, then you can't access the Kibana dashboard. If you use these policies, then you must have an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role or user present in the access policy. Then, you must sign your request to connect with the OpenSearch Service domain through API calls. For more information, see Signing HTTP requests to Amazon OpenSearch Service. If you have a public domain, then use IP-based policies to allow access to your domain from specific IP addresses only.

If you still have issues with Kibana, then contact AWS Support.

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