How do I change the email address of a member account in Organizations?

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I want to change the email address that's associated with the root user of a member account within AWS Organizations.


To change the root user's email address in a member account, log in to the account as the root user.

Important: When you create a new account in Organizations, the service generates a password and assigns it to the root user. You can't retrieve this initial password. To access the account as the root user for the first time, use the password recovery process.

To update the member account's root email address, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Billing and Cost Management console. Sign in as the root user for the account that you want to update.
    Note: If you already logged in and don't see your account information, select your account ID, and then choose Account from the dropdown list.
  2. Next to Account Settings, choose Edit.

Note: If you didn't log in as the root user, then you can't see the Edit option.

  1. For your email address, choose Edit. You can't use an email address that's already in use by another AWS account. You can't access the root user of an account that was created with a not valid email address. Refer to the following rules for valid email address format.
  2. After you enter a valid email address, find the verification code in your email, and then enter it in the console. Choose Save changes.
    Note: The verification code might take a few minutes to arrive. Check all folders in your inbox, including the spam folder, for the verification code email.

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