How do I change the email address for my registered domain in Route 53 if I lost access to my previous email account?

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I can't access my previous email account. I want to update the email address for my registered domain in Amazon Route 53.


  1. Open the Route 53 console.

  2. Choose Registered Domains.

  3. Select the name of the domain that you want to update the email address for.

  4. Choose Edit Contacts.

  5. Change the email address for only the registrant contact. Don't change the values for any of the domain contacts. You can change other values later in the process.

  6. Choose Save.

  7. If it's required for the top-level domain (TLD), then Amazon Route 53 sends a verification email to the new address. You must choose the link in the email to verify that the new email address is valid.
    If you don't verify the new email address, then Route 53 suspends the domain as required by ICANN. The domain status changes from OK to clientHold. For more information, see EPP Status Codes - clientHold on the ICANN website.
    Note: The email comes from one of the following email addresses based off of the TLD:

    • .fr:
    • and
    • All others: or
  8. (Optional) To change other values for the registrant, administrative contacts, or technical contacts for the domain, return to step 1 and repeat the procedure.

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