Why didn't I receive a domain transfer confirmation or authorization email from Route 53?

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I'm trying to transfer my domain from another registrar to Amazon Route 53, but I didn't receive the confirmation or authorization emails. Why didn't I receive these emails, and how can I resend them so that I can transfer my domain?

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If you didn't receive the confirmation or authorization emails from Route 53, you can send a request to resend them. Before submitting a request to resend these emails, be sure that:

  • Privacy protection features for your domain are turned off
  • Your domain's current registrar has the correct contact information


  1. Verify that the privacy protection feature for your domain is turned off with your current registrar.
  2. If necessary, update your registrant contact email address with your domain's current registrar.
  3. Resend your confirmation or authorization emails.
  4. Complete your domain registration transfer.

Note: Due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it might not be possible to use WHOIS to determine your registrant contact information. If you're unable to transfer your domain due to GDPR, contact AWS Support.

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