Why isn't my Amazon S3 lifecycle configuration rule transitioning objects into the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class?

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I set a lifecycle configuration rule on my Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket that transitions objects to the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class. However, when I check my bucket, the storage class of my objects hasn't changed. How can I fix this?


Check the size of the objects that aren't transitioning to the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class. An object must be larger than 128 KB for a lifecycle rule to transition it from STANDARD or STANDARD_IA to INTELLIGENT_TIERING. For more information, see Supported transitions and related constraints.

Note: If an object is larger than 128 KB and hasn't yet transitioned to INTELLIGENT_TIERING, then the transition might require additional time to complete.

If an object is smaller than 128 KB, then you can manually change the storage class to INTELLIGENT_TIERING using either the Amazon S3 console or API. Note that objects smaller than 128 KB are charged at the Frequent Access tier rates.

When S3 Lifecycle processing runs daily, all objects in the bucket that match the rule are marked. The objects are marked for the action defined in the rule, and the expiration or transition of objects occurs asynchronously.

AWS OFFICIALUpdated 2 years ago